<<< Welcome to Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, Islamabad >>>


Pakistan Sunni Tehreek is a Religious, Welfare & Political Movement who believes on implementation instead of mere slogans. It works only for true message of Islam, which is for love and peace, especially in all over Pakistan and partially in some other countries of this world.

Pakistan Sunni Tehreek’s Main Departments:
  • Welfare Trust, Ahl-e-Sunnat Khidmat Foundation (Trust)
  • Legal Wing , Justice Islamic Front
  • Student Wing, Islamic Student Federation
  • Islamic Scholar’s Board (Ulma Board)
  • Labour Wing
  • Ladies Wing (Khawateen Wing)
Objective of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek:
  • Protection Sanctity of Risalat. (Sallallaho Alaih Wassalam)
  • Protection Sanctity of Sahaba. (Radi Allaho Anho)
  • Protection Sanctity of Olia. (Rehmat Ullah Alaih)
  • Protection of Masajid e Ahl e Sunnat.
  • Controlling of Ministry. (Department of Oqaaf)
  • Protection of All Sunni (Brelvi) Rights.
  • Protection of Two-Nation Theory